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World Cup 2014: Merkel welcomes German tragedy of Portugal in Brazil

Portugal even got very badly at the start, but after 8 ' a failure of Rui Patrício gave the alarm signal for what the team of the corners â€" in particular the Defense â€" had the front and by fault of their own. The debacle began drawing up to 11 '. João Pereira had everything to cut off a German attack in the area, missed the ball and eventually topple Mario Gotze. Penalty of course, Thomas Muller converted. Rui Patrício guessed everywhere, but there was nothing to do.

Portugal's reaction was weak. The Germany controlled and played more relaxed. To 25 ', Nani risks a skim shot and is pertto of the draw. Could be the sign of reanimation lusa, but no. The 27 ', Huigo Abiodun left injured, entered Éder. Almost ready, Gotze lies close to the 2-0, thanks João cut Panesar. In the markup of the corner, however, Hummels jumps between Pepe and Bruno Alves and heads up strong for the second German goal. Ronaldo is exasperating.

The 36 ', Coentrão, in excellent position, while leaving the question of being offside, preferred a pass to a shot, losing a good assistance from Moutinho. In the consequent, Éder headed over. A minute later, Pepe became involved in an argument completely unnecessary with Muller and shown the red card straight. Portugal desperately needed the break, that I wouldn't go without another offer with seal of Bruno Alves. Muller took advantage and made 3-0. Paulo Bento cover my eyes. Was right.

It was hoped a reaction of Portugal soon at the entrance in the second half, but nothing. Under one, the team was broken and the defense, now led by Bruno Alves, was still taking on water. The Germans controlled, exchanged the ball, did the Portuguese race. Miguel Veloso was never a true CAP and gave lots of space, forcing Mourinho to unfold. Meireles hardly see it. Nani was the most unhappy, the better, but not well. Ronaldo seemed oddly resigned and only in some free attention, although only to 91 minutes tenzha warmed the hands of Neuer.

By the half, Thomas Mueller had chance to stand out as the World's top scorer to the condition in this first round. A bid on that Rui Patrício, but also again Bruno alves are very bad in the photo, the Bayern striker took advantage of a «assistance» Portuguese goalkeeper in the small area and signed to 78 ', the third goal in the proof. At this point, I was in the field, Almeira André by Fábio Coentrão Exchange, which injured a muscle alone, at the age of 64. Also Germany was already deprived of Hummels, also through injury.

With the three points awarded, the German tragedy confirmed to Portugal in Salvador and Angela Merkel, dressed oddly with the colors of Portugal, applauding in the stands, Ronaldo had his moment finally to 91 minutes. Free law still well away from the goal, the Germans hardly made bareira and the Portuguese captain, that this afternoon was far from being the best in the World, fired a «missile» Manuel Neuer, CR7 defended with class. The final whistle ended the nightmare. The Germany wins again, this time Portugal Germany crushed by four unanswered goals, is leader of the Group G and let Portugal forced to play two final first» logo «phase of Brazil's world. It was very, very bad for Paulo Bento's men.

Francisco Marques @frmarques4655

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