quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2014

France: Justice authorizes "euthanasia" of a vegetative patient

The highest French Court gave reason to the patient's wife, involved in recent years in a legal battle against the parents of the victim of a road accident, who oppose the suspension of vital treatments.

According to his wife, Vincent Lambert, a former psychiatric nurse, in a vegetative state since 2008 and with permanent injury, had previously stated to be off of the machines if found, in the future, in the same situation.

His parents, a brother and a sister of Lambert, conservative Catholics, opposes the decision, having asked the European Court of human rights to voice on the subject.

The European judges are expected to decide in the next few days, when the current French law, without authorizing euthanasia allows the end of the treatments to avoid situations of "therapeutic insistence".

The legislation, which the current French President promised reform, allows approximately 25 thousand patients each year are disconnected from life support in France.

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