quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2014

Lebanon fears new wave of violence after second bombing in three days

The Lebanon was the scene of a bomb attack on Monday evening, the second in three days. The explosion of a car bomb near an army checkpoint in a neighborhood in South Beirut killed at least one, injuring 20 other military people who watched a World game in a coffee shop.

The car with 25 kilos of explosives was intercetado by the military at a time when it moved into oncoming traffic, before the driver turn the payload.

The Lebanese authorities are on high alert since another attack on Friday on the road between Damascus and Beirut, caused a dead and 37 wounded, minutes after the passage of the responsible of the Lebanese security services.

Actions do fear a new wave of violence in a country marked in the past by tensions between Sunni and Shiite communities recently inflamed the situation in Syria, or the advancement of Sunni insurgents in Iraq.

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