sábado, 28 de junho de 2014

Partnership agreements: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have signed partnership agreements and free trade with the EU, this Friday, in Brussels. The ceremony means greater integration, both as economic policy, between Brussels and the three former Soviet republics.

The newly elected President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said the country is now on the right track towards EU membership: "I will sign the partnership agreement with the stylus that reads:" partnership agreement between the EU and Ukraine, on November 29, "it didn't happen then, but the pen is the same, demonstrating that historical events are inevitable. The documents that we are signing today, not only are economic and political. Are a symbol of faith and unbreakable will. Are a tribute to the people who gave their lives and health to make this moment possible. "

Moscow has already said it will take action if the deal has a negative effect on the Russian economy. The former Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign the agreement, at the last minute, which led to the wave of protests in the country.

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