sábado, 12 de julho de 2014

The airport of Tel Aviv in range of rockets from Hamas

The armed wing of the Hamas movement materialized, this Friday, the threat of attack on Tel Aviv airport.

At least four Qassam rockets launched from Gaza have made sound the sirens of the Israeli economic capital, but at least three devices were intercepted by Israeli anti-missile system, dubbed "iron dome".

The Islamist movement had hours earlier threatened to attack the Terminal and all planes into service, at a time when Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Group had raised more than 530 rockets and mortars on Israeli territory since Tuesday.

A rocket hit a gas station in Ashdod, Israeli side, causing three wounded, one of whom in critical condition, according to Israeli medical services.

Since the beginning of the new conflict that more than a dozen Israelis have been wounded by the attacks.

In parallel, the Lebanese authorities are investigating the release of three rockets on Israel from southern Lebanon this morning.

At least two suspects have been arrested, allegedly belonging to extremist groups, when two other alleged Palestinian accomplices are still at large.

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