sábado, 12 de julho de 2014

Ukraine: dozens of dead in separatist attacks

The pró-russos separatists have launched three attacks in the East of Ukraine, causing more than 30 dead.

One of the deadliest took place in Donetsk region using Grad missiles. According to the latest balance sheet, at least 23 Ukrainian soldiers lost their lives.

Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine gives an account of another attack, this time, in the region of Lugansk:

"a school and four blocks of flats were destroyed and damaged a power station. A bus where followed several miners was also reached during the terrorist attack causing five dead and 10 wounded. "

The fighting is continuing near the Donetsk international airport at a time when hundreds of people trying to leave the city.

Increasingly trapped, pro-Russian militias refuse to lower the arms.

"We're defending our homeland. We're not going to let people in the West come take us orders. In this region live many miners, builders and simple people "refers to a separatist.

Four dead is the third swing separatist attack near a border post in the region of Luhansk.

In the latest confrontation, 12:0 am the militias will have lost half a hundred men.

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