quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2014

Palestinians resume from scratch

Gradually life in Gaza returns to normalcy. Stores that have escaped the bombing opened doors, a day after Hamas and Israel have agreed to a permanent ceasefire.

Humanitarian aid arrives, now more easily who for the past 50 days lost everything he had.

The Palestinians expect the cease-fire mediated by Egypt may restore peace.

"Nobody likes war and I think everyone should live in peace. A solution must be found to avoid a new war within one or more years. This war has destroyed everything we had rebuilt two years ago "means the merchant Ahmed Kharwat.

Thanks to the opening of the border crossings of Rafah 150 thousand Palestinians have secured, starting this Wednesday, food for the next five days.

If the cease-fire is respected is also around here who will enter the materials needed for reconstruction. Housing and basic infrastructures are the priorities since according to Palestinian sources, there are currently more than 500 thousand displaced.

The requirements presented by Hamas and Israel to reach a lasting cease-fire will be discussed in September.

"If the cease-fire work, and if Hamas does not have possibility to acquire more weapons and there is a plan with a view to the demilitarization of the movement is positive. I think people are tired of war and they need to get back to normal life "refers to Beth Hava, inhabitant of Jerusalem.

Both Hamas and as the Hebrew State claim victory in a conflict that has killed 70 Israelis and more than 2 thousand Palestinians, mostly civilians.

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