segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2014

Archbishop of Caracas: "delegate's prayer" is an idolatry

The Archbishop of Caracas said that compare Chavez God is idolatry.

"The ' our father ' is a prayer that comes from the lips of Jesus Christ and we have to ensure that it is maintained. Any other use is a flippancy and if you say that Chávez was a God idolatry, "said Cardinal Jorge Urosa.

The Venezuelan President has condemned the criticism of the Catholic Church.

"A minority of bishops who do not represent the Catholic people, left, as the Inquisition, chasing this young woman, this hard-working, because you read a poem. What note is the hatred of Chavez. Not if they gave up to odear Chavez, "said Nicolas Maduro.

The "prayer of the delegate" was read during an act of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

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