quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014

Fragile ceasefire in Ukraine, but kept

This area is now controlled by the Ukrainian army. The children are going to school and the situation is calm

"In General, the situation remains stable. The two sides are globally respected the ceasefire. This is the first relatively calm day in Eastern Ukraine. But in the meantime, the terrorists are fortifying their positions. "

The Ukrainian Army has listed five violations of the truce by the separatists from Sunday to Monday, while the separatists accuse Government forces of preparing to invade a locality near Donetsk, industrial pole of the region and its main stronghold.

In Moscow, the representative of the Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov defends: "Western countries do not have to give carte blanche to the Ukrainian authority to allow them to act in such a way as to forget the fact that the implementation of the agreement reached is the fundamental condition for any settlement firm conflict."

More than 3,000 dead, including 298 victims of the plane crash of Malaysia is the official statement of this war. The truce is however very fragile and initially seems to be having an influence on the negotiating agenda.

"When sporadic clashes occur during a cease-fire or both sides testing each other and trying to influence the negotiations or, according to the most pessimistic vision of many Ukrainians, something bigger that goes beyond current front line is being prepared".

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