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France: once upon a time a normal President with a normal woman who wants revenge

Is the book that is making headlines â€" and the controversy! -of all the French media: "Merci pour ce moment" (thank you for this moment, in a free translation) has the author Valérie Trierweiler â€" neither more nor less than the former French President, François Hollande.

Written in complete secrecy â€" in a computer without any internet connection-, and also printed without any leak has been detected, the book will be on newsstands on Thursday.

Are 330 pages along which the journalist and former first lady details the 18 months at the Elysee Palace: since the election of Francois Hollande to media disruption media couple.

Another blow to François Hollande, all the more so as the French President was not at all aware of the "birth" of this book and that-according to his closest friends and Elisha himself â€" is "terrified": "' Il ne sait pas ce qu'il y a dedans. Il est un peu atterré», («do not know what is in the book, it's a little terrified», in a free translation) can read the article published (in French) by the newspaper > a href = "http://www.lemonde.fr/politique/article/2014/09/03/ce-que-contient-le-livre-de-valerie-trierweiler_4480790_823448.html" rel = "external" > "Le Monde".

A normal man

The President who was elected on the promise of being a "normal" President has, in fact, done everything as "an ordinary man" â€" at least, in private life.

And, like an ordinary man, crosses, certainly, the crisis of 50 years (although it has competado the 60 this year).

It all started a href = "http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/politique/l-histoire-vraie-d-une-rupture_476403.html >" rel = "external" > in 2007, when François Hollande and Segolène Royal split.

The ordinary man has, after all, a "lover"-Valérie Trierweiler â€" and Segolène estimates that it's time to end the relationship that keeps for years and which emerged four children.

Like several other normal men, Hollande could have simply changed the woman lover and remade his life with her. But no!

Like many other normal men, Holllande â€" despite his position of President of the French Republic â€" finds a new lover: actress Julie Gayet. The scandal explodes in January 2014, thanks â€" or because â€" the magazine ==

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