sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2014

Kurdish military column reaches the border near Kobani

The passage of these fighters for the Turkish territory with some resistance on the part of the authorities in Ankara, but was cleared after pressure exerted by the United States.

The 40 vehicles carrying these around 150 military personnel are in the town of Suruç in Turkey, waiting to get into Syria in Kobani, about ten kilometres.

Fejer Al Houraya, Commander of the army free Syrian, explains the problems I had: "we received the weapons late, our fighters had only light weapons, so we are on standby while we don't get more military material from neighbouring countries".

Along the route of Erbil, in Iraq, up to this point on the Syrian-Turkish border, the Peshmerga military column was hailed by the Kurds of Turkey, with slogans like "Kobani will be the cemetery of Islamic State".

In Kobani, where so far are mainly Syrians fighting against the radical group, is already a delegation of Iraqi fighters ready to receive this column.

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