sábado, 4 de outubro de 2014

The secrets of ancient Samarkand

The tourism forum was marked by the words of the Uzbek President, Islam Karimov, which stressed the importance of political stability to an industry that has debated, for example, the need to facilitate the issuance of visas. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the UNWTO States that "tourism is a very important sector, a crucial activity for people. In fact, nowadays, I think that is still underestimated the importance that may have, the benefits it can bring, income, job creation. This message to take tourism seriously served to open the eyes of some decision-makers. "

For the host country, this meeting brought more investment opportunities, how enhances Farrukh Rizaev, Minister of tourism: "The organizations present at this Conference in Samarkand will pave the way to attract more tourists to Uzbekistan, particularly for this region. Most importantly: will pave the way for a wider audience that can understand the meaning of the project of "' the Silk Road '".

The local market, the bazaar of Samarkand, is one of the main reasons of pride. Easily find who ensures that these are the tastiest products in the world. The truth is that only here you can buy the "tyubeteika", a traditional hat. That's what made a young couple who came from Mexico and which underlines that "this is a very mystical. There is much to see and if there is time and money, the return is certain. "

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