terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2014

Romania: President-elect wants less spectacle and more work

National and Liberal Party leader, will be the 4° President of Romania in a country that, 25 years after Ceausecu, remains the second poorest in the European Union.

A descendant of Saxon, close to Transylvania in the middle ages, had 25 years Iohannis when Ceaucescu was ousted, but decided to stay in the country, unlike parents and thousands of Romanians of German origin, who took the opportunity to leave and live in Germany.

In the city of Sibiu, where he was elected President in 2000, he was known as a responsible politician and good Manager. Sibiu is a medieval town of 150 thousand inhabitants. It was the capital of culture in 2007 and became a prominent tourist destination.

The former physics professor is a supporter of job well done but its integrity is questioned, for having been mayor at the same time who ran the municipal company of water. This incompatibility is sanctioned by law, so the Romanian Justice will still have to rule on a possible disqualification.

In 2009, has been proposed for Prime Minister, but Traian Basescu, who had to assume the Presidency, vetoed his name.

In tune with his taciturn character and moderate, Klaus Iohannis proposes a Presidency no scandals or controversies that may concern investors.

We need a less populist politics and more involved in solving the problems, a kind of politics with less spectacle and more solutions to Romania and Romanians. “

Iohannis speaks German and English, which plays to their advantage, in a position too voted for the foreign policy, but not only. In Romania, the President appoints the Prime Minister, judges and prosecutors, but also can also hinder the policies proposed by the Government.

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