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Tunisia prepares for the second round of the presidential

In Tunisia, the current President, Moncef Marzouki and the leader of the party, Tounès, Nidaa Béji Caïd Essebsi, are preparing for the second round of the first presidential since the country's independence in 1956.

Essebi is the man who in 2011, after the revolution, the so-called Tunisian Jasmine revolution, assumed the post of interim Prime Minister for ten months. Before that, between 1981 and 1986, he was Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This lawyer, who will be 88 years next day 29, survived the controversy and the protests that have taken over the streets during his short period of governance. His party, the country's main secular training, went on to win the legislative elections in October.

Moncef Marzouki, the President at the end of the mandate, is the other face of the second round. Historical opponent of the regime of Ben Ali, who has fallen in the revolution, Marzouki is a human rights defender. In 2011 became President of the Arab Commission of human rights, an institution which continues to be a member of the Executive Board.

This doctor, of 69 years, was the fifth President of Tunisia and the first to be democratically elected by the constituent Assembly of Tunisia in the post-revolution era, albeit temporarily.

He was arrested in 1994, then to challenge the dictator Ben Ali in presidential election. The former leader of the Council by the Republic eventually into exile, 10 years, in France. Returned to the country after the overthrow of Ben Ali and, in the aftermath of the revolution, announced his candidacy for President.

The new Constitution, created after the popular uprising, gives the President limited powers but he has the right to dissolve Parliament if it can form a majority.

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