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Growth of the French-speaking world in debate in Senegal

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The President of Senegal argues that the French-speaking world "is an economic force" to represent stressed Macky Sall, 16 percent of global GDP; 14 percent of the planet's natural resources; and 20 percent of global trade. Business promoted through the French language used in about 30 countries account for six percent of the average wealth of each inhabitant, and by 0.2 percent of the job rate.

There are so many reasons for optimism, but also still some clouds on the horizon of the continent. The lower school level mine African development prospects. As the feeble infrastructure. For example, Africa has the same dimension of train lines that India and, this, despite being 10 times larger than that South Asian country.

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Jean Louis Ekra ensures that "it is not surprising that the young Africans want to know everything that is being prepared for the future". "We must spend, now at a stage when all risk trying to be the boss of themselves. Africa is growing very quickly, both in population and in economic terms. It is important, therefore, to stimulate young people this entrepreneurial spirit and this is not an exclusive role of Governments. It is also a duty for all of us because this is a cultural asset ", defended the Afreximbank, Executive Director of Egypt.

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The Congolese Minister of infrastructure work, for its part, points out that "the greatest potential for Africa, and all francophone countries, is on the young". "More than 60 percent of the population is under the age of 30 years and represents a valuable resource. Will be even more valuable when you have the appropriate qualifications to aid in the countries of their respective developments. That's what's going to happen so we give them these infrastructures ", perspetivou Jean Jacques Bouya.

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Another issue to improve banking and financial integration is of the francophone countries. Few people have, for example, bank accounts in francophone Africa. Need a banking supervisory central body and a regulatory framework of legal certainty.

"Nowadays, it is possible to create a company in Senegal with only 100 thousand African francs instead of a million and this is a strong stimulus for young people to create their own business," said the Executive Director of the Senegalese company investment Apix. Moutaga Sy explained that these stimuli to entrepreneurship are part of "one of the parties ongoing reforms to help young people engage more easily in the corporate world". "Another, will be the improvement of training courses available and the maximum possible match the needs of investors. A third party, will be the creation of jobs through relocation ", outlined the responsibility of Apix.

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Evelyne Tall finally left the warning that "it is necessary that all countries contribute." "We also need Governments decide the models of formation and guidance of young people in order to achieve a correct dialogue between them and the banking sector. It is true that our generation allowed herself to hope and never look at the results. But this will no longer be acceptable in the next generation so that our children can reach the promised land ", wished the head of Ecobank, of Senegal.

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