sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2015

Millions celebrate Chinese year of goat

In fact it was Asia and millions of people around the world who said goodbye from the year of the horse and entered the period of the goat.

Beijing, for example, has been invaded by firecrackers, Fireworks, and incense. Some people are pleased to see the horse away.

"In the year of the horse, which has just passed, many things have happened, for example the disaster of Malaysia Airlines MH 370 and other air accidents. The year of the horse was extremely ... Well, there were plenty of disasters and accidents that have happened. Wish a step forward for peace in the world, "says a resident of the Chinese capital.

It is expected that the year of the goat is milder. Peace, harmony and money is what the Chinese horoscope predicts.

The day is spent in family, many of the big cities are more empty, because a lot of people enjoy to celebrate the date with relatives in the countryside.

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