segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

Italy resorts to hotels to host more than 11 thousand illegals

The Italian coast guard rescued 93 people more this Saturday the Mediterranean waters, when faced with a new wave of illegal immigration.

The 71 men, 19 women and 3 children arrived this morning to Palermo, in Sicily.

In the last six days more than 11 thousand people were taken by the authorities of the country, while continuing the search for 400 passengers of a boat sank off the coast of Libya.

A situation which led him to Italy to launch a new appeal for international aid to deal with the situation.

"At the moment the refugee centers in our region and nationally, are overcrowded when continues to reach more people. The new wave of immigration since Easter is testing the limits of the entire system of accepting refugees, "says Daniel Albanese, head of a refugee Center.

The Italian authorities decided to convert several hotels in Sicily in reception centres.

And if the Pope Francisco greeted the efforts of Rome to overcome the situation, the Italian Prime Minister suggested yesterday the need to pacify the Libyan territory.

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