segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

Worldwide mobilization against the free trade agreement EU-USA

Thousands of people demonstrated in several cities around the world, this Saturday against the transatlantic partnership agreement of trade and investment, negotiated between the EU and the us to create the largest free trade area in the world. The next round of negotiations will take place on Monday in New York.

For Governments that promote agreement, this is going to reflate the economy, create employment and promote European exports, but opponents point the finger to the evils, warning that TTIP will serve to impose controversial solutions in Europe as the GMO foods.

In Vienna, six thousand people left the street, according to police, more than 22 thousand throughout Austria.

In Germany, where it is particularly strong opposition to the agreement, there have been more than 200 protests, with Munich to gather the largest number of protesters, surpassing the 20 thousand.

In Brussels, more than two thousand people wanted to protest against the agreement, underlining concerns about the transparency and rejecting a scenario that will reduce the power of national and local governments.

The parties involved in the negotiations evoke the confidentiality requirement to respond to accusations of lack of transparency. This explanation does not satisfy opponents of the free trade agreement.

In Helsinki, where a thousand demonstrators out on the street, a Trojan horse symbolized the feeling away from the eyes of the citizens is being negotiated a threat to rights and freedoms.

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