segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2015

The Nepal with eyes in the sky, waiting for international aid

Thousands of inhabitants of Katmandu are preparing to spend a second night outdoors, among displaced by the earthquake and people who fear to return home.

The authorities have created at least 15 camps in parks and open areas of the Nepalese capital, when the supplies and drinking water beginning to run low.

An Australian refugee witness, "the earthquake caught us all by surprise and people began to flee from the shops, the street was full of people, some clinging to the other, waiting for the end of the earthquake. And when it was over I saw real crowds to flee to the open spaces ".

A new aftershock on Sunday, had forced authorities to temporarily close the airport in Katmandu, where they continue flocking rescue teams and international humanitarian aid.

Most of the neighbouring countries like India or China, but also to Australia, the United States or even Israel has already sent hundreds of relief workers to the country.

In parallel, thousands of people, mostly tourists, are still waiting to be repatriated to the country.

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