segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2015

Turkish Cypriots elect new leader

The Turkish Cypriots will choose between the current nationalist leader, Dervis Eroglu, and the independent candidate and advocate of reunification, Mustafa Akinci.

On the first lap, the 19 April, Eroglu got 28.15% of the support of the electorate, Akinci, soon after, conquering 26.94% of votes.

The next leader has the front, resume negotiations with the Greek Cypriots, with a view to reunification of the island, divided in two since the Turkish invasion in 1974.

The talks were interrupted in October 2014 when the Ankara Government sent ships for the maritime area of the North of the island, in order to explore natural gas deposits in the area.

The United Nations expects the negotiations resume next month, shortly after the ballot.

The polling stations close at local 6:0 pm. In the first round abstention stood at 40%.

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