sábado, 30 de maio de 2015

Blatter: a League apart

Sepp Blatter arrives at the FIFA Presidency in 1998, backed by predecessor, João Havelange, in an election in which there are suspicions of bribes.

The then Secretary-General of FIFA defeats the Swedish Lennart Johansson, UEFA President at the time.

As for Havelange, Brazilian, today with 99 years, just spotted by a corruption scandal surrounding the bankruptcy of a sports marketing company that ran the broadcasting rights of the football world, the ISL.

"Havelange wields the weapon, Blatter put the cartridges," said Diego Armando Maradona. "El Pibe de Oro" is far from being the only one to denounce corruption in the body that runs the world football.

During the mandates of Blatter, the scandals of bribery and vote-buying accumulate roughly at the same rate of profits global operations that affect absolutely astronomical values.

The international press has called all the Blatter: "Black Prince of football", "Don Blatterone", but the epithet that might better describe the 17 years of the Presidency of "teflon man", because no charges sticks to the Swiss, who appears to be a species of "untouchable" ahead of an organization that moves billions and gives money to many people.

Blatter has never been implicated in any of the cases of bribery and corruption.

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