quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2015

Italy: Rescued migrants adrift in the Mediterranean

The customs police and Italian financial announced have survived overnight near a hundred migrants hungry after spending 12 days in the Mediterranean Sea.

The patrol ship "Monte Cimone" spotted the boat of 50 meters to 200 degraded miles off the Sicilian coast, with 98 people on board.

Migrants, among which 35 were women, three of them pregnant, explained have spent 12 days at sea, the last two adrift, without food and water and with the basement flooded.

The Italian Coastguard announced have coordinated on Tuesday the rescue of about 650 people, who were landed in several cities.

The Italy houses more than 80,000 migrants in reception centres.

"Just be put and a plan for the distribution of migrants by country. The reception system involves port authorities of Naples, the police, the city of Naples, region of Campania and many, many volunteers, "said Gerarda Pantalone, Mayor of Naples.

On November 13 the European Commission will propose the distribution of asylum applications in the European Union, according to quotas related to the population of each country.

The measure must be approved by the European Council, which will meet on 25 and 26 June.

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