quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2015

Police brutality in Guimarães: Victim claims innocence and regrets trauma of child

"What I told him, pointing to the bleachers, was: ' you should be worrying about what's going on inside, there's more people in pain '. I tried to explain to him that he should try to resolve that situation and I think it was this raise of hands that caused the rest, "explained José Magalhães.

In this Wednesday, the daily news publishes an article in which cites an alleged co-worker of Assistant Commissioner Philip Silva. Under anonymity, this police revealed that Filipe Silva is aware that "wrong and exaggerated", but that would have "lost his mind when the subject turned to him and said: ' will you f..., go to p ... fuck you '."

Official PSP "is aware that exaggerated" http://t.co/9dDFU6Uvmt

The Assistant Commissioner is "too low" and some news report that will have left the House where he lives with his girlfriend and sought shelter at his father's House. The Ministry of internal administration also opened an inquiry to the successful and the police can be suspended in a preventive manner, what hasn't happened yet.

After the violent activities of Filipe Silva, José Magalhaes was arrested and accused of Sunday night. Released by midnight, was present to a judge on Monday morning and vowed to sue the Superintendent.

The alleged victim of the Assistant Commissioner, who was accompanied by two children and by his father at the time of the violent arrest by police, regrets the trauma by that will be going on the youngest son, who was away from the situation by another police force.

"The only thing I conveying now Sajjan House is: ' o father if I had not had headquarters, we had not had that problem '. The justification that he is making is he is the culprit for having water request, we left the stadium and it came to pass that, "revealed Jose Magalhaes.

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