quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2015

Turkey welcomes two million Syrian refugees

Euronews visited Öncüpınar, where he spoke with the head of the refugee Center on the border with Syria, Kills, and where currently live 13 thousand Syrians.

Most of the refugees will not return to Syria. The host gave a new field House, to many, and it came up a market, several bars and a barber shop.

Refugee of Aleppo:

-The most vulnerable people are living here. The refugees live here. We can't work. But in Syria lived and worked like normal people.

-No, I don't want to go back â€" responds to the caller.

Although there is no future in the country, most of the refugees prefer to stay rather than go back to Syria: A refugee widow and mother of seven children, assumes:

-While the situation is not normal in Syria, we're not going back.

Not far from the camp is host city of Gaziantep, 400 thousand Syrian refugees. The sudden population explosion caused House prices rise and food and, consequently, tensions between residents and refugees.

To encourage dialogue among communities and help the Syrians on the path of integration, opened an information center, the Malumat, which offers advice and lessons in Arabic, English and Turkish.

-They live in uncertainty. The uncertainty about his future. These people don't have any perspective on life. That's why we give special attention to youth. Our main aim is to support young people between 17 and 24 years *.

Many Syrians have lived in Turkey for three years, and the conflict in his country if Immortalizes. It is unlikely that refugees return home in the near future.

Bora Bayraktar, Kilis province refugee camp, in Öncüpına:

-The majority of Syrians refugees lose their homeland, but many have no desire to return to a country at war. Are so adapted to the field that reorganized the life here. Everything indicates that the Turks and Syrians still have to live together for a long time.

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