domingo, 10 de maio de 2015

Spain: at least three dead after fall of Airbus in Seville

1st pictures showing #crashA400M at Sevilla, Spain, 7 pax on board presumed dead.

The unit is produced by European Aeronautics manufacturer based in France and has a hangar for testing in Seville. The A-400 m is the largest airplane propeller-powered-powered in the world, is marketed since 2011 and presumed he'd be on tests of takeoff and landing in the South of Spain.

This is a cargo plane and is intended mainly to military use. Is already used by countries like France, England or Turkey. The Spain have already agreed to purchase at least 27 units of this appliance.

Our sorrow for the tragic accident of military aircraft in Seville. The Government is available to families. MR

The Spanish Prime Minister received the news in Tenerife. At first began speaking of "eight to 10 dead", although I hadn't "concrete information" about the accident. Mariano Rajoy added have spoken with the leader of the opposition, the Socialist Party (PSOE) Pedro Sánchez, and agreed the suspension of campaigning for municipal and regional elections scheduled in Spain for 24 May.

#Update Photo of the crash site near Sevilla airport #A400M

The plane crash occurred just over a kilometre from the civil airport of Seville, in an area of the field, shortly after the local 1:0 pm (less one in Lisbon). San Pablo Airport was closed temporarily, having reopened just over an hour and a half after the accident, provoking yet the delay of several flights, including leading soccer team Betis of Seville towards Mallorca.

Real Betis shows regret for the accident of the A400M and moved its condolences to the families of the victims. DEP

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