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Euro2015 under-21: Portugal ties (0-0) with Italy and postpone discharge

#U21EURO Group B remains wide open …

The first shot on goal happened just 10 ... seconds. For Italy. Benassi forced José Sá defending for a corner. The 6 minutes, again the Portuguese goalkeeper having to intervene with the feet from Berardi. Portugal seemed surprised and couldn't settle down. Raphael Warrior made two mistakes and it was revealing of the State of mind of Rui Jorge in the face of Luigi di Biagio. The first shot from Portugal happened to 19 minutes. Sérgio Oliveira shot from afar and next. At 22 minutes, again Raphael warrior to decide wrong, the ball left Belotti and José Sá came out again. As in the first game, João Mário re-emerged against the right and Baldwin in the middle. Once more, the option of Rui Jorge revealed itself wrong. The player of Monaco could not find space to create and João Mário, little supported by Esgaio couldn't imbalances.

It’s been a good battle between Berardi and RaphGuerreiro <a href="">#U21EURO</a> <a href=""></a><p>â€" UEFA Under-21 (UEFAUnder21) 21 junho 2015

The first time I came through, at 35 minutes, João Mário created the first big move of Portugal: the Sporting opened on the left, in Sérgio Oliveira and receive in privileged position, only bad, next. Portugal seemed to wake up, finally, and to 38 minutes was the Esgaio to find space to shoot, but also missing the target. The interval arrived with a clumsy counter-attack to Carlos Mané after new move of danger along the goal of José Sá, in which Sérgio Oliveira almost did own goal.

Under-21: Portugal and Italy has tied to zero at halftime, in Uherske Hradiste, in the second round of the European Championship Czech Republic 2015.

The second half began like the first, with Italy the smell. Crossing from the left and Belotti to pre-empt José Sá, but hit the crossbar. Portugal, this time, was quickest to react, but with a contraé-sterile attack point, which was to leave shortly after, to the entrance of Gonçalo patience, FC Porto. With the AA, coach Antonio Conte, on the bench, Italy continued better than Portugal and José Sá confirmed as the man of the match. William Carvalho showed some physical problems, but held on in the field by the end. at 72 minutes, Zappacosta fled to Raphael and Warrior Belotti shot into the side-netting. Bernanrdo Silva responded on the other side with a shot wide of Bardi, who practically did not have much work given the little shot lusa.

Two distinguished faces in the crowd … #U21EURO

Di Biagio was moving on the attack "azurro". Rui Jorge responded with creative exchange, entering Yury Mann and Ryan to the places of joão Mário and Bernanrdo Silva, who were at risk of failing the next game if they saw one yellow. Portugal seemed to gain momentum on offense and started playing closer to Bardi. At 88 minutes, Yury threw to tight end of the Italian goalkeeper. The 92 minutes, Berardi appeared isolated, but reacted quickly and got the "bread from the mouth" from Italian. The draw leaves Portugal on top of Group B, but everything remains open, with Italians forced the win to England and Portugal without power fail Wednesday in front of Sweden. One point, however, the team Valley lusa the European semi-finals and qualified for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Behind the scenes at azzurri v <a href="">selecaoportugal #U21EURO</a>

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