segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2015

Palmira transformed into minefield

. The historic town of Palmyra, with more than two thousand years of existence, has been turned into a minefield.

The militia of the Islamic State group (EI) have undermined what remains of the Greek-Roman civilization in the desert of Syria Centre, confirming fears of a disaster for this registered world heritage site.

Already known for destruction of archaeological treasures in Iraq, the Organization spared no one was the capital of the famous Queen Zenobia, who faced the Roman legions in the third century after Christ.

According to the NGO Syrian Observatory for human rights (OSDH), the mines are everywhere, a month after the Islamists have taken control of the region. In the ten days following the taking of Palmira, the jhiadistas performed in and out of the city more than 200 people.

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