sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2015

Syria: UN Envoy denounces bombing of civilians in Zabadani

The Syrian army is accused of using the devastating "barrel bombs" against civilian areas.

The UN Special Envoy to Syria denounced yesterday the means used by the Syrian military, supported by Hezbollah's Lebanese allies to regain control of the town of Zabadani.

For several days that the center of the town, near the border with Lebanon, is besieged by the forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad.

"UN Envoy CITES credible sources which confirm the use of a large number of ' barrel ' pumps. The rebels of the army of conquest "retaliated by firing rockets and mortars against two villages near Idlib: Al Foua and Kefraya, where a large number of civilians is trapped".

The Alliance of several rebel groups is now under siege in the residential areas of the Centre of Zabadani, when there is news of street fighting.

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