sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2015

Greece: Alexis Tsipras Announces resignation and calls for the convening of early elections

Alexis Tsipras put an end to the mandate at the head of the Greek Government. After little more than half a year, the Greek Prime Minister announced his resignation and called for the convening of early elections.

Tsipras announced the decision in a statement to the country, broadcast on Greek public television, having lost the support of many members of own Syriza last month: "I am proud in battle that my Government and I myself had. We fought to keep us true to our promises. We negotiated firmly and insistent, for a long time. Resist the pressures and blackmail. We have reached the limit, but the Greek issue has become a international issue. "

Last Friday, the head of the Hellenic Executive needed the votes of the opposition to get the approval of the rescue plan negotiated in Brussels. More than 40 members of Syriza refused to support the document.

According to governmental sources, the most likely date for the holding of early elections is 20 September.

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