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Afghan refugees: a barrier called Will

A large proportion of migrants who arrive every day to Europe consists of young Afghans. 14 years after the defeat of the Taliban by the international coalition, the insecurity, the terrorist attacks and systemic corruption reigns in this country, at war for more than 30 years. The Afghan youth is sick of this situation.

Those departing towards Europe have a barrier ahead: Iran. The guardians of the revolution, placed on the border with Turkey, don't let those heading into the West: "they arrested my son Hamad, along with his cousin, a few metres from Turkey," says Hadji Mohammad, worker in Kabul. "They sent us back to Afghanistan, but they won't be here. Will try his luck again, soon, "he added.

Iran has hosted about 3 million Afghan refugees since the civil war of the years 80. Most end up working in construction, such as unskilled workers. The acquisition of Iranian nationality is virtually impossible, even for those who share the language (Persian) and Iran's cultural heritage.

Afghan pós-talibã immigrants are mostly undocumented, which makes them a marginalized community.

Everything indicates, however, that the Islamic Republic to change policy towards Afghan migrants. The national TV increasingly interested by the issue. Another piece of good news for Afghans: by order of the Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the country, the Iranian schools are now required to accept Afghan students, even those without documents.

Despite the positive aspects, an Afghan teacher of sociology, graduated from the University of Tehran, considers them a political game of Iran: "With the rise of the Islamic State, self-titled Iran seeks more reliable allies. We share the language and cultural traditions. We live in Iran for a long time. There's a war next door in Syria. Who better than us to have as allies? "Question.

@dipu412 @oldrugbygrump62 @80PDC Iran has accepted 950k refugees from Afghanistan alone.

Iranian regime is using Afghan refugees in dirty scheme to fight for Assad http://t.co/l63jUt6oJz #Iran #SYRIA #Media #News #Afghanistan

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