quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2015

Spain: animal rights do not prevent the death of the "Toro de la Vega"

The activists were involved in clashes with locals, trying to prevent the death of a bull during the traditional festival of the "Toro de La Vega".

A mobilization accompanied by a petition with more than 120 thousand signatures on the Internet that failed to prevent a closure, touted as "a collective lynching" by activists.

A 640-pound bull was killed with three Spears at the end of a chase of a few minutes on city streets.

An activist says, "we came from all parts of Spain to defend a helpless animal that's going to be tortured and we are being provoked by several inhabitants who have assaulted several people".

A local advocates, however, the party with medieval origins:

"It's a party with 500 years. The first Bull was offered by Joanna I of Castile and the bull always paraded and the village always celebrated this feast ".

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