segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2015

Catalonia today decides future in elections seen as a referendum on independence

Catalonia lives today crucial elections for the future of the region. Many see the ballot, already considered historical, as a referendum on independence.

The candidates of the platform "Together in" coalition that brings together pro-independence formations from across the political spectrum and that is given as winner in the polls, promised to launch the process of secession â€" despite not being allowed by the Spanish Constitution â€" if you earn an absolute majority in the regional Parliament. Stop it is the stated goal of the Popular Party, which governs in Madrid.

On the streets of Barcelona, a Catalan defunct says that this is "a genetic debt to the family, with parents and grandparents who could not live this moment."

But other Catalan says "against secession. Explains that feels "Catalan", is "married to a Catalan" and "children and grandchildren are Catalans", but after "so long", should not now "break up", adding that what is important is to solve the issue of "best way".

With 7.5 million inhabitants, Catalonia represents 16% of the Spanish population and, economically, a fifth of gross domestic product. The future it is now up to 5.5 million voters Catalans.

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