segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2015

The long way of the mud who fled Syria for over a year

In the small town of Tovarnik, Croatia next to Serbia, living near three thousand inhabitants. A number multiplied by the thousands of refugees that focus, essentially, next to the train station, where they intend to take a train to take them to Austria or Germany. Mud is one of them.

Ran away from Latakia, in Syria, there are more than a year. Tell us which broke because her husband left the country to avoid being called by the army. Then went to Lebanon. Then, Turkey. Now, Croatia. Before he arrived in Greece on a boat. Were "face to face before death", but knew they had to leave Turkey.

In Tovarnik, there have been clashes with the police, but the situation calmed down. Here refugees or are taken to reception centres or are waiting for an opportunity.

Lama explains that doesn't have a phone, not a charger and internet access. Stresses that have absolutely nothing. His parents stayed behind and know nothing of the family. One thing the scares are diseases, since the conditions in which he has been living are deplorable. The only way is to follow way.

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