quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2015

China about to abandon "one-child policy"

The one-child policy in China has the days counted.

Until now, the Beijing Government's official policy is to limit the children of couples at a time, in the case of urban families, and two, in rural areas, where at least one of the parents is an only child or when the first child is a girl. It to control overcrowding of that which is the most populated country on the planet, with over 1355 million inhabitants.

The truth is that the Chinese population is ageing, as many of the immigrants who settled in big cities: "migrants and others, within the active population, are also aging, affecting the vitality of our economy. The situation can be improved with a change in birth policy, "says Wang Jun, a professor at Sun Yat-Sen in Guangzhou.

One in ten Chinese have more than 65 years. The proportion should rise to a third until 2050.

To counter the trend, the Chinese Communist Party wants to pass a policy of two children per couple, in the five-year plan that is being discussed in Beijing and will cover the period from 2016 to 2020.

Here's the video (in English) that the Chinese Government has made to promote the five-year plan:

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