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Radar ... the story ³ rias that made headlines

A prominent Russian Government employee has been arrested in Moscow due to the theft of a section of road about 30 miles in the Komi region, in the North of the country. The information are advanced by the AFP Agency.

The official in question, Alexander Protopopov, Deputy Head of the federal prisons service orchestrated the alleged "robbery" that involved the dismantling of a section of the road. About of concrete plates 7 1000 would have been transported and sold to a private company in 2014 and 2015. The theft may have cost the Russian Government about of 80 1000 dollars.

The Russian news agency TASS stated that a lady's handbag in crocodile skin and evaluated in at least 300 1000 rubles (about $ 4 1000) and that would belong to a cleaning lady fro m the Russian energy company Gazprom would have been stolen, according to a spokesman for the Moscow police. The case occurred last Tuesday.

The thieves would have broken the window of a Mitsubishi vehicle parked near a shopping centre near the locality of Rumyantsevo.

In Japan a private school pulled out of circulation a manual containing sexually suggestive phrases. The manual would have been denounced by some families.

Sundai company which owns most of the private schools in the country took this decision after the sale about 7 1000 copies of an edition of 28 1000 copies.

The manual is intended for students who wish to prepare for the examinatio n for admission to the University. The manual contains 710 typical phrases in ideograms, or kanji, that students have to know by heart.

Among the more explicit phrases include pearls like "I was shocked by the size of your chest", "she clung to me and moved rhythmically" and "don't encourage too the nerve".

According to the company the school manual would have been prepared by a Japanese teacher highly qualified having been subject to a tight editorial control. According to the company, "we have created easy-to-remember phrases and practice by our students".

Both students as families condemned the contents of the manual.

Mrs Spanish party, Bascansa Carolina was criticized by conservatives and feminists after taken to Parliament his son Diego to five months.

In the absence of progress with a view to the formation of a parliamentary coalition, the son of Carolina eventually became a media star. "If a mother has to take care of a child, so she has to do it anywhere," said Mrs. "The time has come for this Chamber start to sound like the rest of the country".

Carolina Bescansa upon arrival at the #Congreso pic.twitter.com/Q8uma3u3zA

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