domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2016

Spain: Rejoy disclaims form a Government in the immediate

After meeting with King Philip VI, Rajoy explained that the decision was made due to the existence of "a majority" against his appointment as Chief Executive, which meets "at least 180 deputies," 350 of the Spanish Parliament, in a reference to parties which have expressed intention to vote against his appointment.

The leader of the Popular Party said, however, that keeps "the candidacy for the post of Prime Minister," Although "not yet have the support needed to form a Government". Rajoy says he doesn't have them, because on Friday morning "was a proposal advanced [to others], which brings together more support than his and that also counts" with less opposition.

The King is expected to start a new round of consultations with the parties on Wednesday before designating another candidate for the formation of the Executive. Most likely will be the young socialist leader, Pedro Sanchez, since the PSOE was the second most voted in legislative formation.

The leader of the radical left antiausteridade We surprised this Friday to propose a Government led by Sánchez and I tell him, Pablo Iglesias, as "number two" of the Executive.

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