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Attacks in Brussels: Four arrested in police operations 13

According to the Belgian federal justice, 4 people were detained Sunday after 13 anti-terrorist operations carried out in different parts of the territory.

The interventions took place 5 days after the jihadi attacks in Brussels and Zaventem airport and that left 28 dead and hundreds injured, and was later claimed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (EI) or Daesh, by its acronym in Arabic language.

Suite des attaques de Bruxelles â€" Follow-up attacks in Brussels

Belgian police operations took place in Mechelen and Duffel, in the region of Flanders (North). Other operations, about 8, occurred in different neighbourhoods of Brusse ls.

A suspected of planning an attack on French soil was arrested March 25 day by the Belgian authorities. Abderamane Ameuroud was wounded with a gunshot in a metro stop in the Schaerbeek in Brussels.

The authorities are related with Reda Kriket, a first suspect arrested by French police last Thursday (24), in the town of Argenteuil, Northwest of Paris. Kriket, of 34 years, home explosives and heavy weapons.

According to the French-speaking public television RTBF, Ameuroud was an accomplice to the murder of Ahmad Shah Masood in 2001, a anti-Talibã fighter and member of the Northern Alliance, shortly before September 11.

However, in Italy, police arrested an Algerian citizen, suspected of being part of a network of forgers of documents used by the perpetrators of the November bombings in Paris and Brussels this week.

Jammal Eddine Uali had a search and seizure order issued in January by the Belgian authorities.

Terrorism: the arrested Algerian refuses to answer the Italian judge

As the French and Belgian authorities investigation progresses, the link between the attacks seems increasingly clear.

The Belgian Federal Prosecutor's Office accused Fayçal Cheffou Saturday of responsibility for the bombing at the Zaventem airport in Brussels.

The Belgian media say the man with the hat who was seen in the images recorded by security cameras at the airport. The information had not been, by the end of this Sunday afternoon, confirmed by the authorities.

The other two suspects, both killed during the explosion at the airport would be Ibrahim El Bakraoui and Laachraoui Najim.

The case of Cheffou ferrying the largest amount of explosives, but did not trigger, when the suspect would have tapped to run inside the building.

Two days later, Fayçal Cheffou was detained in the Centre of Brussels, close to the Belgian Ministry of Justice.

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