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Migrant crisis: Greece strives to install thousands in new fields

Approximately of 11 1000 people, including many children, living for weeks in makeshift tents and no basic conditions for survival, such as access to clean water and, often, without the necessary power.

Many refuse to believe in a permanent and total closure of what is known as the "Balkan route" and anxiously await for the progressive reopening the borders of countries such as Macedonia, Serbia or Slovenia, to reach Western European countries such as Germany or the Scandinavian countries.

Adiba, 11, sits inside the tent she shares with her mom + 4 siblings at Idomeni on the Greece / FYRoM border

The Greek Government, which has bee n repeatedly reject the use of force to carry out the transfer of migrants, tries to convince peacefully accept migrants leave the field near Idomeni line.

Were left leaflets in the most widely spoken languages among those in the field, such as Arabic, farsi (or Persian) and pasthu, with explanations about the need for everyone to go to shelters built for that purpose.

However, humanitarian assistants and interpreters try to, for its part, the same task as convincing as possible, though not always with success. Migrants with children are the first to be addressed.

UPDATE: The first bus is being filled at #Idomeni. It seems #people are headed to a different camp.

This Saturday (26), after weeks of suffering, with regular water cuts and with the number of sick children to raise, some families have agreed to leave the field of Idomeni line.

Imad Sukkariyeh, a Syrian who flees the civil war, says hope the new place where accepted go has what it takes to live in a dignified manner.

"We want sentirnos humans again. Live in these tents is a problem and live with other families in the same tent is a bigger problem. "

Ibrahim Alwak, also from Syria, said that didn't come from their country to escape hunger, because head. "I ran away from a war. We didn't come here to stay, for a good time not to drink like animals, we came in looking for h ope, "said Alwak.

On the other hand, according to official data of the Greek Government disclosed this Saturday, at least 50 1000 migrants are currently in national territory, 14 1000 of which in the region of Attica and more than 28 1000 in camps scattered in the North of the country, including the makeshift camp near Idomeni line.

#Idomeni, Greece: Kindness leaves everlasting imprints #Europe

On Friday (25), about 20 buses arrived at Idomeni line field, having been greeted with protests by migrants. Workers on the ground said that, initially, only 400 people accepted in transport, occupying less than half the buses available. Were, in their majority, moved to different camps situated in norther n Greece.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), who took over also the task to inform the refugees about the transfers, until Friday night, only 600 people had been included in official lists.

However, Athens said it would speed up the construction of centres to accommodate up to 30 1000 migrants, in order to be able to handle the growing number of people arriving to the shores of the country.

#Chios. People detained in Prison Camp Vial. No access to asylum. No press there. Lack of food and water. #refugeegr

Tensions in Moria, on the island of Lesbos

However, on the island of Lesbos, there are more than 1100 people, including many children, in the field of Moria, which, after the agreement between the European Union and Turkey on March 20 day, turned into a detention camp. The local press reports that the people retained in Moria have come to receive these brochures in English, which explains that you have the right to legal information and to know their rights while remaining in the field, as well as asking for a lawyer.

We’re concerned EU-Turkey deal is being implemented before necessary safeguards are in place

The number of arrivals at Greek Islands has declined, although to much contributed the bad weather that has been recorded in the area, with strong winds and storms.

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