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Belgium: Three suspects accused of terrorism

The Belgian justice accused of terrorism, three of the eight suspects detained in the last 48 hours in the capital.

Between the two men is Fayçal Cheffou, detained on Thursday night, in the immediate vicinity of the Belgian Federal Prosecutor's Office.

The newspaper Le Soir claims Cheffou, investigated in the past by recruiting young men for jihadi groups, would be the "hat", photographed in the company of two bombers from the airport of Brussels, before the bombings, on Tuesday.

The Belgian Prosecutor hasn't confirmed the information in Le Soir.

The second man charged with terrorism is the suspect arrested yesterday during a RAID in the suburb of Schaerbeek, identified as Ameroud Abderahman.

Ameroud, Algerian nationality, had been convicted in the past 7 years in prison for the murder of Commander Massoud, the Afghan leader of the Northern League, in 2001, days before the attacks of 11 September.

A third man, identified as Rabah n., was also charged with participating in terrorist activities after being arrested on Friday, in the District of Saint-Gilles in Brussels.

According to the Belgian press, Rabah article would have links to Reda Kriket, captured by French police on the outskirts of Paris and to prepare an attack so imminent, according to the French authorities.

On the streets of Brussels the tension is palpable, between new bomb alerts and raids.

"It is a worrying situation. Today is that I returned to the underground from the attacks and it is distressing to think that occurred along the same lines. "

"Yes, the atmosphere is strange, especially in the metro. The silence and all. But things are improving from day to day ".

The police investigation seems to confirm the links between the attacks in Paris in November, and last week's actions in the Belgian capital.

The Greek press revealed yesterday the discovery of a map of the airport of Brussels in an apartment in Athens, where past the alleged organizer of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, shot by police days after the action.

22 jihadists continue to mount

According to the Belgian newspaper Derniere Heure, 22, alleged jihadists currently tried in Brussels are still at large. The fugitives, as well as men being detained or shot after the actions of Paris and Brussels would have all links to Khalid Zerkani, who will appear in court on May 18, accused of being the mastermind of a radical Islamist cell. Zerkani, which claims innocent, contests the conviction, in July, to 12 years in prison.

Four victims still unidentified

The Belgian authorities announced this afternoon have identified 24 of 28 bodies of the victims, when the bodies of the three bombers have been found. Approximately of 100 people remain hospitalized, 62 of which hospitalized in intensive care.

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