segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2016

Brussels: protesters March against fear criticize violent groups

Criticized by demonstrators, were involved in violent clashes with police.

Euronews spoke to some of those present in concentration in the square, in the heart of Brussels:

"I'm from Muslim, born in Belgium, my parents live here for 60 years. That's why we're here, "said a woman with a huge Belgian flag in his hands.

"For peace, we want peace and that people who arrived here (the violent groups), does not want peace," he concluded.

A young woman told Euronews that felt bad that the local authorities have decided to postpone the initiative launched with the goal to condemn jihadist attacks of March 22:

"I do not agree with the postponement because it seems that they're right. It's like if we give the reason to the terrorists ".

Some of you, on the other hand, were critical.

"Whenever this happens, we get started with these things," said a young man to Euronews correspondent.

"We get started singing John Lennon's Imagine. I understand that people need to mourn, but you have to make a decision and do something to solve the problem ".

A woman, with the names of two people written on a piece of paper, hanging around his neck, to ld Euronews that "all lost someone" because "Brussels is like a village."

"We are all affected. The Belgium is not the United States. We give people protection, free education. Why us? We didn't do anything. We only live together ", conluiu, almost crying.

According to Euronews correspondent in Brussels, many insisted on at the Stock Exchange Square this Sunday (27) to show that, despite the danger, not felt really afraid. Still, says the journalist, the police and military presence makes itself felt not only in Brussels, but also in Liège and in other Belgian cities.

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