quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2016

Brazil: closer to dismissal

The PMDB (Party of the Brazilian democratic movement) is the party with the largest representation in the Congress. This Tuesday officiated the output of the coalition Government and called on Ministers to abandon the PMDB Executive or face expulsion. However, the leader, Michel Temer, can continue to hold the post of Vice President. If Dilma is suspended or stripped, the conduct of the Government rests with the Vice President.

The PT Rousseff and Lula has only 68 seats and are required at least 171 votes in the House of representatives to halt the impeachment process. The President of Brazil faces threats from part of the political class since the autumn, but the launch of the process was formalized in mid-March. The opposition accuses Dilma Roussef have manipulated the public accounts to hide the size of the deficit, which is a crime of administrative responsibility in accordance with the Constitution. Dilma says that did the same to his predecessors and he didn't do anything wrong why denounces a coup attempt masked in a process without institutional legal foundations.

Dilma: ' Impeachment without crime of responsibility is hit. It's no use pretending ': https://t.co/vvMGDUXrdf pic.twitter.com/I5dFHZQ93C

The political crisis began to draw a couple of years ago and worsened with the severe economic crisis that installed: last year the Brazilian gross domestic product shrank 3.8 per 100. The process of car wash corruption also contributed to the discredit of the ruling class. Opinion studies show that Dilma is supported only by 10% of the population, while 69% want his departure. The dismissal of the President would also end th e myth Lula da Silva, who is also in trouble in the face of public opinion and with justice.

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