quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2016

Clinton and Trump looking to consolidate positions of prospective candidates to the White House

Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican) are the prospective candidates to the White House with more consolidated positions, but the "Super Tuesday" has not yet made a decision.

A day after winning the elections in seven States, Hillary Clinton said would like to promote an increase in the minimum wage. A maneuver that most likely will be understood as an attempt to reach out to supporters Bernie Sanders.

The Democrat also Bernie Sanders won in four States and found that he had an "extraordinary night" to "Super Tuesday". And as experts who discredited his campaign, always wrong, that means he's going to take the victory.

Despite seven victori es Tuesday, Trump, given the domestic opposition, has to do better in the next confrontation in order to claim the Republican nomination for presidential candidate, before the party's National Convention this summer.

Ted Cruz won three States and is the Republican candidate who can still cope with Trump. Ted Cruz appealed to the other Republican candidates support and do campaign in his favor but, so far, no opponent said openly he would

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