quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2016

Chernobyl: Ukraine marks 30 years of the worst nuclear disaster in history

The Ukraine pointed out this Tuesday the 30 anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster in history, with tributes to the direct and indirect victims of the explosion in reactor number 4 of the Chernobyl Center.

Three decades later, there is still an "exclusion zone" of 30 kilometres around the site and continue the work and decommissioning of facilities.

The radiation resulting from the nuclear accident of April 26 1986 is responsible for 4000 deaths since then, according to the UN, 200,000 according to the NGO Greenpeace.

Ukrainian President visited the former Center and wanted to leave a message of hope, signing a decree for the future creation of a biosphere reserve within the "exclusion zone". Petro Poroshenko was keen to point out that "medicine and statistics do not allow to give an exact number of victims but [...] among those who died or were disabled, represent hundreds of thousands ".

In the Russian capital, Moscow, hundreds of people accompanied the Patriarch Kirill in a tribute at the cemetery Mitino by the graves of 28 firefighters who were among the first victims of the tragedy. The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church stressed that "during the time of war, people defend their country without thinking in their own lives. Similarly, the heroes of Chernobyl, did not think on his health and went to their deaths ".

The 1 hour and twenty-three minutes in the morning, local time, several Ukrainian churches, particularly in Kiev, rung the bells to mark the exact moment of the tragic explosion at Chernobyl.

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