quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2016

Internal British doctors strike affects emergency services

The British gave hospitals interns, this Tuesday, beginning a strike that is, for the first time, to affect the emergency services. The outage that took off at 8:00 local time, aims to put pressure on David Cameron backing out on the new contract model proposed by the British Executive.

"I'm really worried about the fact that the Government be taking British national health service to a point of vourself and this is just one more step. I believe in our system, we have a fantastic health service in this country. In recent years I have seen some changes that are going to end up with what we have and I think that this is one of the last and of the most significant "refers to Clare, one of the doctors on strike.

"We may not agree with the visio n of the Government in relation to the seven days of operation of the national health service, but make sense to end the emergency services provided to the most vulnerable? Because that's what's happening. The only question that remained unresolved in the negotiations concerns the payment of the Sabbath day. The prize that we offer these professionals is greater than that which is paid to nurses, paramedics and assistants, "says the Secretary of State for health, Jeremuy Hunt.

The Government insists that the unions in the sector cannot go against what the British decided at the polls, that is, the improvement of health care throughout the week. Doctors have another opinion.

The doctor Nicola Miller argues that "no one has an interest in being on the street or topple Governments. The professionals who are p art of the BMA, Association of British doctors working in hospitals, know what it means to be on the front line and are just trying to put in practice what really works. The Secretary of State for health, Jeremuy Hunt, never been on the front line, and never worked in a hospital. "

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