quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2016

France: Unions strike vote on nuclear power

The 19 French nuclear plants risk a partial outage this Thursday. Workers affects the CGT Trade Union Confederation joined the strikes that are in other sectors, that last for a week, in contesting the new labor law. The unions accuse the far left Socialist Government of autism.

"Down on the street is no longer enough, we hear-says a trade unionist. The time has come to wield other weapons a little more important, a little more consistent and we're all going into this fight to tell the Government: no, that's enough! "

Despite the outages in nuclear power stations supplying electricity is not expected to be affected by virtue of legal provisions. The same cannot be said of traditional fuels in transportation.

The authorities resorted to force to put an end to the blockade of a deposit in the North of the country. Most refineries are closed and the terminal of Le Havre, where they arrive 40% of oil imports, has the taps closed until Friday.

In Parliament, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, assured that the police will continue to take action to disperse the roadblocks that threaten to paralyze the country.

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