domingo, 22 de maio de 2016

Norbert Hofer: two decades defending the populist cause in Austria

Born in 1971, in a bourgeois family and son of a conservative municipal elected Austria, a region near the border with Hungary, Hofer became, in 1996, the FPÖ â€" the íider Freedom Party, two years after having joined the party.

When the historic leader of the FPÖ, Jörg Heider, incompatibilizado with Strache decides to form a new party, Hofer remains sympathetic to Heinz-Christian Strache who became Advisor.

Under its impetus, the FPO tempered language and highlighted social issues, starting to steal, little by little, electorate to the left.

With the functions of Vice President, Writes in the political program of the FPO 2011 and when, in October 2013, the freedom party reaches 20.5% of the vote in the parliamentary elections, Hofer becomes the third President of the National Council, the lower House of the Austrian Parliament.

Considered as a member of the liberal wing of the party, was appointed in January 2016 candidate to the Austrian Presidency. At the time, opinion polls gave him the fourth or fifth position in the race.

The election campaign has been dominated by the crisis. Hofer does not hide the disagreement with the German and Italian policy on immigration.

Also no love for the European Union, and voted against the entry of Austria in 1994, but today presents a more moderate speech: "our whole system is linked to the European Union. I am not in favour of the ou tput of the Union, States, except, adds: If the Turkey become a member ".

To those who accuse him of being "a Wolf disguised as a lamb", replies that "it's not Wolf and didn't even wear the skin".

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