domingo, 1 de maio de 2016

Norway: 13 killed in helicopter crash

Still only 11 bodies were recovered, but authorities believe the other two occupants, officially reported missing, also lost their lives in the accident.

The helicopter â€" a Eurocopter Super Puma H225-was out of oil platform Gullfaks B toward the city of Bergen.

Most of the victims are from Norway, but also onboard a British citizen and an Italian. The Norwegian Prime Minister said that "those who feel pain, loss, anxiety and insecurity should not feel alone. It's a sad day for all who work in Norwegian industry oil and gas ".

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority imposed a temporary flight ban for all helicopters of the same model in the territory, as are investigated the causes of the accident. A team of experts from France-country where is made the Super Puma â€" will participate in the investigation.

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