segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2016

Third and final day of festival "Rock am Ring" canceled: more than 80 people injured by lightning

Germany: lightning injured 80 people and sign the judgment of a festival

The Organization's initial numbers pointed on Friday to about 40 people injured, but the balance has increased. At least eight people have been hospitalized.

The license for the event was revoked by the authorities, after being provided for weather that included more storms.

On Saturday, the Organization was forced to suspend for hours some performances, asking the about of 92 1000 and paying 500 note that turn the cars and tents for safety reasons, but with the intention to continue the Festival.

Finally, the third day was completely canceled.

Despite the delays, Red Hot Chili Pepper, one of the biggest bands of the poster, played yesterday. But Black Sabbath, also a top band, no longer will act today.

Asked the holders of note from the enclosure until Sunday afternoon.

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