domingo, 3 de julho de 2016

Brexit: a source of betrayals

24 June 2016, no doubt it will be a historic day for Britain. The day the country divorced from Europe and that the political class has been shaken.

A political earthquake worthy of a Greek tragedy, with its share of betrayals between friends.

The campaign by the United Kingdom's output of the European Union had as protagonists a pair of attackers very in tune: Boris Johnson, former President of the city of London, and Michael Gove, Minister of Justice.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has campaigned for the United Kingdom in the European Union.

However, the Brexit side, Johnson even went so far as to say he didn't want to go against Cameron or the Government, but continued to weave his Web while I was looking at the Chair of Cameron.

The Johnson campaign and Gove has borne fruit, the Brexit won and David Cameron resigned.

"The British people made the decision to follow a different path. I don't think it would be correct to try to be the Commander who will drive our country to its next destination, "said David Cameron on occasion

With the departure of Cameron, the lights are pointing in the direction of Boris Johnson and his desire to become Prime Minister.

Michael Gove has put all the energy in the s ervice of the campaign of Johnson and, so far, spoke of his friend as the favorite to succeed Cameron.

But not all was what it seemed. Supposedly it was the action of a woman who provoked the volte-face in the race for Prime Minister. Sarah Vine, known Daily Mail columnist and wife of Gove, saw one of their email address be made public. Here, Sarah Vine put in question the ability of Johnson to lead a Government.

And, when it was hoped the announcement of the candidacy of the former Mayor of London, he says it is not candidate: "my friends, I must tell you that, following consultations with my colleagues, I came to the conclusion that this person can't be me."

With the surprising exit of scene of Boris Johnson, is Michael G ove who, on the conservative side, assumes the position of a candidate for succession.

But we're not in a detective novel. The United Kingdom left the Europe and is without a leader who has a clear vision of how Brexit can work and affect the life of the population.

The Brexit also caused damage to the labour party. The leader Jeremy Corbin is accused of not having done an effective campaign by the United Kingdom in the European Union. Earlier in the week 81% of Labour MEPs voted in favour of a motion of censure, not binding, the leader. CORBYN has declined to resign, arguing that he has the support of the bases.

However, the United Kingdom remains in a political vacuum.

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