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President of Russia admits dialogue with NATO but let warning to Finland

The President of Russia proved to be open this Friday, to adopt some measures to reduce military tension with the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) in the Baltic Sea region. Visiting Finland, a partner of the Alliance, but still not a Member State, Vladimir Putin stressed to President Sauli Niinistö, counterpart, the satisfaction with the Finnish military neutrality in the region.

Russian-Finnish talks

The Russian leader, still not let pass the opportunity to leave a warning to Finland a few weeks after this Member State of the European Union have been part of NATO military exercises in the Baltic region.

"Wha t do you think if they join NATO? We we withdrew our troops 1500 kilometres. Do you think we keep there, so far away from the border? ", shot Putin, addressing the Niinistö, adding:" Paraphrasing the note from a friend my Finnish, could say that NATO would have pleasure in going to war with Russia until the last soldier. Is this what you want? We don't. You must decide for yourselves. "

Seeking to defuse the simple threat left in the air, the Russian President said still fit "to decide how to defend their Finnish sovereignty and guarantee their safety". "Of course we value and respect the neutral status of Finland", he concluded.

It is unlikely that Finland and Sweden will be members of NATO in a foreseeable future, but they are moving closer.

The tension in the Baltic region has been on the rise since the snapping of the conflict in Ukraine in February 2014. The neighbors NATO Member States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) fear a Russian expansion and the Alliance has mobilized troops to the region for exercises. Moscow has also conducted some exercises in their own territory with this region.

Vladimir Putin insists that Russia has nothing to do with the separatist conflict in Ukraine despite, for example, had annexed unilaterally in March 2014 the Crimean peninsula. The European Union doesn't agree with this alleged Russian innocence this same Friday now "27 Club" decided to extend economic sanctions on Russia by the end of January next year.

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